My truck needs new tires before next winter

Before my truck broke down, I was spending about $200 every week on recreational marijuana products.

I have a good job and I could afford to spend that amount of money each week on recreational marijuana products.

Now that my truck is broken down, I have to cut that budget in half. My truck definitely needs new tires before next winter and it also needs an oil change. I think it’s going to need new brakes as well and that would require me to buy rotors. The rotors were worn out the last time that the brakes were changed and the guy at the tire place said they would need to be changed. All of the work on my truck is probably going to cost about $1,500 or more. The tires are $4850 alone. I’ve been going to the marijuana dispensary near me with the cheapest prices on concentrates and marijuana flower. I usually go to the marijuana dispensary that is close to my office, because it’s only a mile away. The marijuana dispensary that is closer to me is actually harder to get to and the traffic is crazy. They do have the best prices of any other marijuana dispensary in the area. They don’t carry the same selection as the other places that I like, but I can easily save $100 every week by vaping and smoking cheaper marijuana products. Then I will be able to save up money so I can afford to get my truck fixed up before the snow starts to fall.

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