My life has greatly improved thanks to OG kush

I love the Indica strains.

OG Kush has a sedating effect that is good and good for an night at home.

OG Kush was one of the first strains of weed that I ever tried after marijuana became legal. It was back when I was going to college. One of our friends named Ed was visiting some other friends and came back to school with a pound of OG kush. Ed’s stuff was seriously smelly and all of us had to figure out something to do with all this marijuana before the dormitory and resident advisor figured out that all of us had a pound of weed in the dorm. It wasn’t legal then, so Ed and I did our best to hide the weed in the refrigerators where the smell would not be pressing. The OG Kush strain was so good for a morning of exams and I enjoyed being able to smoke as much marijuana as I wanted. Ed and I stopped using OG Kush and other marijuana strains after school, but I recently decided to return to marijuana after the dentist suggested that it might improve our horrid sleeping schedule. Medical and recreational marijuana are legal now and available in a great many dispensaries located all across the state. I went to a place near me and found the same OG Kush strain that Ed and I had when I was in school. I had to get the marijuana strain that was the same for the sake of old times. It was even better than I remembered from school and since then our sleeping schedule has improved greatly. I’m glad I went back to using recreational and medical marijuana products.


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I love live resin edibles, they were absolutely powerful

I ate more than one of the 20 mg strength edibles when all of us left the dispensary and I ate another 4 when all of us got to the football game

My friend Ben and I love to go to a lot of peculiar events. One thing that I love is athletic activities or events. Ben and I have a professional football, basketball, and baseball team in the state and neighborhood where all of us live. Finding Tickets to the basketball games is costly, however Ben can usually find baseball tickets for a reasonable price. Tickets to the football games can be one from the local radio station every single week. They practically deliver the tickets away every fourth on the fourth. Ben and I planned to go to a baseball game and the new home team was favored to win the game. It was supposed to be a total blowout, so all of us weren’t exactly worried about paying attention. Ben stopped at a dispensary near our condo to option up some live resin edibles… Live resin edibles are created from the plant before it has been cured and dried. Live resin edibles often contain a much larger amount of natural cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. These live resin edibles from the dispensary near our condo were available in 10 or 20 mg strength. I obtained more than one packages of the live resin edibles. I ate more than one of the 20 mg strength edibles when all of us left the dispensary and I ate another 4 when all of us got to the football game. I’ve had lots of edibles in the past and 40 mg is usually a good dosage for me. The strain recognizable live resin edibles were much more powerful than anything that I have ever had before. I barely remember anything that happened while in the game.

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Farming our own marijuana flowers

When you reside in a state where recreational and medical marijuana is legal, you can legally grow a particular amount of marijuana for your home use.

  • In the part where I live, the amount of marijuana that one person can grow is six plants, and at any time, each individual over the age of 21 years outdated in the new home can have up to six plants growing.

If myself, our fiance Jo, her sibling and her kids all live in the same house, then all of us can have up to 40 plants at once. I don’t guess if you have ever seen 40 marijuana plants growing at once, however it is quite a cool scene. It takes a lot of job to grow 40 marijuana plants. That’s why our sibling and her partner live on the farm with Jo and I, but both of us spend 8 fourths every morning really working on the marijuana farm so Jo and I can grow the best flower available. Both of us job with a co-op to supply marijuana to veterans. Jo and I supply the marijuana at no cost in order to qualify for other grants and programs. Jo and I also supply some of our marijuana plants to local dispensaries. A great deal of our currency comes from growing marijuana. It’s nice to live in a place where all of us can keep jobs in an industry that is on the rise separate from worrying about getting into trouble. As long as none of us grow more than 40 marijuana plants, then all of us aren’t breaking any laws! We’ve had a couple of people out here to check on our plants and they have been unable to find any reason to shut us down.


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She didn't feel the effect of the edibles

I obtained our mom Jo some marijuana edibles from the recreational dispensary near me. Jo said that she was having some terrible pain with her knees. They were aching, hurting, and swollen. I asked Jo if she took some Tylenol and ibuprofen and she said that nothing was helping her at all. Jo even took some pain pills and they did not touch the pain. Jo tried pain relieving patches, gels and creams. I went to the marijuana dispensary near me and I picked up some marijuana edibles and a cream which contains a mixture of CBD and thc. I want to go to Jo’s new home for supper and after supper I provided her the marijuana edibles and the cream. I told Jo to rub the cream on her knees before she went to bed. The mixture of CBD and THC would deliver Jo pain relief and help her sleep at night. I told our mom to have one of the edibles in the morning when she woke up. The edibles were a strong sativa strain and best for morning use. The next morning Jo tried one of the sativa strain edibles. Jo called me on the iphone to tell me that she didn’t guess the edibles were really working. Jo talked to our ear off for an fourth while telling me how she cleaned all of the laundry, swept the porches, dusted the basement, and rearranged the cottage in the living room all before 9:00. I asked Jo if she was joking around when she said that she didn’t believe there were any effects at all.

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Finding love at the dispensary

My friend Max and I went down to the marijuana dispensary near me… I don’t usually go to the actual dispensary… They offer deliveries and don’t charge anything for these services.

  • I have to tip the driver, but I never scoff at giving that guy a couple of bucks.

It saves me a trip and I don’t need to get into the car, brave the traffic, and deal with people that I don’t know. I am entirely awkward in social situations where I have to talk to people and that is another sizable reason why I use the home delivery repair instead of going to the actual dispensary… My friend Max and I were on our way to the campgrounds for the weekend and the guys wanted to stop at the marijuana dispensary near me. I didn’t want to stay in the car by myself, so I decided to go into the dispensary. I put on a mask and gloves, and I tried to stay away from the people that were not wearing a mask! One of the budtenders came up to me to ask if I was looking for anything special. I told the cutie that I didn’t have anything in mind. The lady looked at me absolutely strangely, however then she got the most sizable smile on her face… She said our name out loud and then all of us realized that it was a pretty girl that I went to school with. I wasn’t looking for anything special at the marijuana dispensary, however I found it all the same. I didn’t even go camping with Max after all of us hooked up.

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