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My sister just moved to the city where I live and is looking for a part-time job while she is in school.

She has classes most days, but still needs to make some money while she is finishing her degree. She has an apartment and needs to make money for rent. I told her she should look into getting a job in the cannabis industry. There are a lot of places that are offering part-time and full-time positions, and it seems like there is a new cannabis dispensary opening up everyday. I do not know anyone who works in the cannabis industry, but I think she would be a good fit. She likes to talk to people and is very smart. She knows a lot about recreational cannabis and could learn a lot more. She will complete her degree next year and I think she would be great as a manager of a cannabis dispensary. She is likely to go into sales after she completes her degree and this would be a great start. I hope she takes my advice and goes into the cannabis industry. I am excited to have her living nearby in the same city as me. Our parents love to come visit me and now that she is here too, it will make family gatherings so much fun. I am not sure how our parents would feel about her working in the cannabis industry, but I think that it is a really great idea.

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A failed attempt to grow cannabis

I consoled Joe with some of my OG Kush, & I explained to him that he should talk to an expert, but joe said he has watcheds all the Youtube videos he could, & I said he needed a real expert, like the professionals at the local cannabis dispensary.

My friend Joe wanted to try growing his own weed at home. I don’t know where he got the idea, however Joe thought that it would be self-explanatory. “It’s called weed, right? Because it grows all by itself, just like other weeds,: He said that to me, & I knew he was wrong however I didn’t want to rain on his parade. If he wanted to try his hand with pot plants, why not? Last weekend it was time for the harvest, & Joe was so excited. He invited me to come over & get high with me. I brought a bottle of whiskey, & a sack of OG Kush just in case, & drove to see my friend. He presented to me his grand harvest of marjuana, which was at least a pound, maybe more, right away I saw how stemmy & seedy it was, something you never see in the strains at the cannabis dispensary. I consoled Joe with some of my OG Kush, & I explained to him that he should talk to an expert, but joe said he has watcheds all the Youtube videos he could, & I said he needed a real expert, like the professionals at the local cannabis dispensary. Those people have cannabis as their livelihood, & would genuinely have some good advice for growing better weed. I hope he takes my advice, however I suspect Joe may be ready to quit growing cannabis altogether. It takes time, effort, & money to produce superb cannabis, so maybe he should just buy it like the rest of us do.

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I am more efficient when I am stoned

Working from cabin has changed my life for the better. I heard a lot of people complaining about being isolated during COVID, however I wasn’t one of them. I enjoyed the isolation, & staying in my cabin all the time. When my job asked people to return to the office, I made a request to keep laboring from home. I presented my numbers & stats, & demonstrated that I had a higher efficiency rating from home, so they granted my request. So when anyone tells you cannabis makes you lazy, you can tell them my story. I am far better at my job when I am smoking cannabis then when I am sober & sitting in an office cubicle. I work a sales position, & 90% of my workload is done online, or over email, so no one ever knows how much cannabis I smoke on a correct afternoon. When I need to have a Zoom meeting I hide my bong & my cannabis & put on a shirt & tie. The rest of the time I am in my robe & slippers, with a fat bowl of OG Kush or Sativa Grande Loco at my side. My workrate is unmatched, & I am on track for a bonus this quarter, thanks to having cannabis to keep me relaxed & my mind limber. If the time comes when they make me return to the office I will have to switch over to cannabis edibles, or just find a new job. I like my lifestyle just the way it is right now.

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I still get cannabis from my ex

I cherish the selection of products at the cannabis dispensary, however I really hate their prices! For this reason I only go to the legal weed shop a few times a year, & usually only when they are holding a big sale or special deal. When I was in high university I dated a guy named Ed, who grew his own weed plants in the backyard, however he started producing enough quality marijuana that he sold it to his friends, his family, & to me, ed & I didn’t last long as a couple, however my associate and I stayed friendly enough that he would keep selling me weed (and my associate and I would hook up from time to time.) Even though I have access to a legal cannabis dispensary, I still usually get my weed from Ed simply because of the prices. Something else I try to do is visit the websites for all the local cannabis shops, to see if they have any special deals or discounts. There is such fierce competition between all of the multiple cannabis dispensaries it isn’t unfamiliar for one of them to have a one-day sale. Even with discounted prices, most cannabis strains are still too costly for me. Is this a local thing, or are all cannabis shops this fancy? Next weekend I am supposed to go over to Ed’s condo to help him with the newest harvest. If I help harvest the cannabis, he pays me in weed instead of money. I care about it this way, although it would be nice to afford higher quality cannabis sometimes.



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Cannabis in the 60s was pretty weak

Once upon a time there was a fun little plant called marijuana.

It was known as pot, weed, grass, & multiple other names.

It was illegal, however not usually enforced because it wasn’t a big deal at the time, over the years that little plant has gone through a lot of evolution, as well political upheaval. I spend a lot of time in the shop listening to the old-timers talk about their younger days. One thing that they never seem to mention is how weak the cannabis was back then! People complain this week if their marijuana strain is low in THC, however did you know in the 60s it only had a fraction of what it does this week? Compared to current strains of cannabis, the old stuff was closer to tobacco than familiar weed! There isn’t a cannabis dispensary someplace that would sell the weak strains from the 60s, their customers would never buy them, but since I was raised to be respectful to my elders I never call them out on this fact, however I have to roll my esure when they say cannabis this week “isn’t as superb as it used tobe.” I know for a scientific fact cannabis this week is 10 times better than it used to be, but what’s interesting to me is how the old-timers have developed such a tolerance to cannabis & THC that they don’t notice the difference. They are used to the new cannabis strains now, however still lionize the old strains. I typically learn a lot when I listen to them talk about cannabis.
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