Is SEO for a cannabis dispensary more peculiar from other SEO?

I was told I needed good SEO if I wanted our cannabis dispensary website to be seen by the most potential customers.

I didn’t think what SEO was, although I read it was nothing more than keywords and terms.

I wanted to find out if SEO is any more peculiar than other SEO, but no one knew what I was talking about. I had to contact an online web development team and ask them. I got someone on the phone, and I asked if cannabis dispensary SEO was any more peculiar than other SEO? He chuckled and told me that SEO was peculiar for every dealer. It all relied on what I wanted the SEO for. I told him I was opening a new cannabis dispensary, and he said he hadn’t worked with new cannabis dispensaries and put me on hold. When someone else got on the phone, he asked if I was the person looking for someone who knew how to do SEO for cannabis dispensaries. I gave him my website address for our cannabis dispensary and told him I needed to link it to our social media advertisements, although I was told nothing would link to our website if I didn’t have the most superb SEO. He told me that whoever said that was correct. I needed to have the most superb keywords if I wanted anyone to find our website, because it was the keywords and terms that gave the direction. When someone searched for cannabis dispensaries in this area, the search engine looked for keywords that would lead them to our website. I asked how he could create better SEO for me? I knew he was going to be superb for our contractor when he answered me with a question about how superb did I want him to be?



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