We have to raise the price of the concentrate next year

Every time there is a rise in the prices in the factory, the marijuana shops have to pay a little bit more for packaging.

My factory makes tiny glass jars that are used for cannabis concentrates.

The little jars have to be shatter proof and they need to be able to fit a gram of cannabis with plenty of room for packing and air. We make ten thousand jars a week or more. When the weekend crew is working hard, they can pump out 5 thousands jars in a weekend. I start with huge pieces of glass that are delivered straight from another factory. Those pieces of glass are fed into a machine that breaks them down into very small shards of glass. After that, the glass is melted down and pressed into smaller jar shapes. The price of raw glass has gone up three times this year. Next year, we are going to have to raise the prices of manufacturing in order to cover the additional expenses. I sent out emails to all of our clients and a few people were not very happy with the prices listed for next month. I know they plan to shop around for a better deal, but unless they go to paper and plastic, there is no way anyone will find a better deal than the prices we charge for jars. With inflation affecting everything around here, there is no way that all of us will not be affected in some way or the other. Even the cost of basic needs like bread, milk, and butter are up, up, up.

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