We only deliver to the beaches on Saturdays and Wednesdays

I plan ahead for the weekends on Wednesday and I prepare for the week on saturday

Delivery services are nice, because they allow you to get the things that you need and want in a hurry and without ever leaving your home. Living in the city means enjoying lots of delivery services. When I lived in the city, I could have anything delivered from laundry, to Bakery goods and even electronics. I moved to the beaches a couple of months ago and I thought things would be the same. They are absolutely different. I can’t have the same things delivered to the beach that I had delivered in the city. One thing that is vastly different is marijuana delivery. In the past, I could call the marijuana delivery service and have anything that I wanted delivered right to my door within an hour. After moving to the beach, I realized that it was no longer going to be possible to get one hour delivery. There is only a single dispensary that will deliver to the beaches. This particular dispensary has a $150 minimum for the order. They also only deliver to the beaches on Wednesdays and saturdays. All orders have to be placed one day ahead of time. When I need marijuana supplies, I really have to think ahead and make sure that I have enough items for a couple of days. I plan ahead for the weekends on Wednesday and I prepare for the week on saturday. I can always drive up to the dispensary if I run out, but that means facing all of the traffic. I would rather stay home than deal with bumper to bumper city traffic.

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I got confused by the specials so I called the store

I went online and I saw a brand new dispensary opened up that offered delivery service to my address.

The delivery service had a very bright and colorful website.

They had all of the specials written down so it was easy to know what was on sale. Unfortunately, I had a little bit of trouble understanding whether or not I could use the first time patient discount with the other discount. I wanted to order online so I didn’t have to talk to anyone in person, but I ended up contacting the store because it was too confusing. The woman on the phone was very nice and helpful. She explained how the first time special worked and she also told me that I could stack the deal, but only on the first time that I am a patient. All other times comment deals are not stackable. I was stoked when I heard about the specials, because the two sales together meant that I was going to save a heap of money on the cannabis products that I regularly buy. I loaded up my shopping cart with all of the items that I love. I bought an OG Kush vaporizer cartridge and I also bought a blue dream vaporizer cartridge. I bought a half ounce of super silver haze flower. I got some stuff for free because it was my first time. The lady on the phone told me that I could order from the delivery service anytime and they guaranteed I would be able to get to our delivery since my address was so close to the marijuana dispensary.

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My daughter thought I had turned into a pothead.

For two years, I had been using medical marijuana.

The strongest thing I bought from the dispensary was a CBD product that was only 3% THC and wouldn’t make me high.

My husband was the only person who knew I had been using CBD. My daughter came into the house one afternoon, before I had everything put away. She took one look at my bag from the marijuana dispensary; and you would have sworn I was pointing a gun at her. Her eyes widened, and she put her hand to her mouth. I almost laughed because she looked a woman from one of those horrible horror films. When she whispered, I had become a pothead, I almost lost it. After rolling my eyes, I quietly told her it was CBD. Although I bought it at the local marijuana dispensary, it was just CBD. I couldn’t figure out why I had to explain myself to my daughter, or why she was acting like I was a criminal. I knew her when she and her friends smoked pot every day, and I said nothing to her. I was afraid that if I made a thing about her smoking, it would become even worse. After a while, she quit with the marijuana on her own, and I was sure she hadn’t touched a single drug since. I knew how much she liked her wine, however. She said that if I didn’t quit using marijuana, she would take away my grandkids. I lost my cool. I’m not sure she was ready for the truth, but she apologized and said it was okay to use CBD.


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Legal CBD products can be purchased in the grocery store these days

I never really believe my sister to be quite a prude but it seems that last month I was proving completely wrong.

She did not mind ever using marijuana during the times when she was younger but there has been easily a time that she has turned older and now her attitude has completely changed.

She looked directly at myself and others and told myself and others it was easily sinful like the pharmacy was now caring labels legal CBD products. I knew that all of us were getting old. I advised my sister that CBD products were exactly like a natural painkiller. CBD is one of the cannabinoids that are helpful for the body. She would easily prefer taking some drugs that come from test tubes instead of a product that absolutely comes from a plant in nature. I reminded her directly that using marijuana would allow us and myself and others the satisfaction. I laughed and then reminded her that she asked myself and others if all of us had medical marijuana with myself and others not several weeks earlier. This was disappointing because she told myself and others that this was different and then all of us burst out laughing. It was absolutely the same. At least all of us knew that the CBD products were available in the pharmacy and those were the same type of pure products that we could get from the medical marijuana dispensary. I was happy not to go anywhere on the street and it was nice to find natural medicine that is not going to kill me and is filled with good CBD products.


Full spectrum CBD

CBD products scare me just as much as marijuana

My friend offered myself and others and odd look and told myself and others that they were not actually in the open

I could not understand the local pharmacy to sell CBD products in an over-the-counter capacity. My own kids were picking up the CBD products and then asking myself and others to buy them because they were not 18. I obviously did not want any of my children to ucbd products and I did not want them to have cigarettes either. Both have a legal age limit of 18 years old. I was not against the use of legal medical marijuana and I easily knew some limitations would come with all of these Health inspections. Many people have to work hard in order to get a medical marijuana identification card. One CBD was easily in the open it easily enticed many kids to try it. My hubby took many of the kids to the car and then left myself and others in order to pay the bill. I wanted to speak directly to the pharmacist who was easily one of my friends and I asked her about the importance of CBD products. I wondered if they were safe enough for the kids to be close enough to take them. My friend offered myself and others and odd look and told myself and others that they were not actually in the open. The CBD products were in a machine that had a key lock. I placed myself at the counter and saw that the CBD products were in fact inside of a machine. Several packages of CBD gummies were there and they did not seem like they were under lock and key and she promised this could be something brought up with associates.


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