A botched website can be fixed

I had been searching for a great website design dealer for quite awhile. My cannabis dispensary website needed some work. I asked a single of my budtenders to get a website up for us & that was a mistake. A guy who is good on a laptop isn’t necessarily a great web builder. The website was a single page with very little content, blurry pictures & no iphone number for our store. To make a long story short, I had a horrible cannabis website. I started looking around for who could do the web design. I didn’t want to use any of the online platforms where you make your own website. The way I see it, I wouldn’t watch a youtube video of a plumbing repair & then do it myself. I wouldn’t learn a book on how to build a deck & then do it on my own. Why should I make my own website? There are experts in this field. After seeing what happens when someone does it for free, I was willing to pay quite a bit. I found a website design dealer through a friend. He used the SEO side of that corporation to help his bakery get more traffic. I wanted to start with just a great website. The builder I worked with was great. He got myself and others numerous pages of content, the iphone number clearly advertised & all modern pictures up. The website started out looking cheap & tacky. Now it looks professional, high end & classy. I feel way better about it now.

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Digital marketing for marijuana businesses

I worked with a cannabis digital advertising dealer & they were just amazing

My marijuana dispensary is pretty clear. I work with my cousin who is a local grower. He grows all the cannabis products & I sell them. My cousin has a cannabis cafe across the street that also sources from the products! Everyone in my family is connected to the cannabis business. The two of us have fresh cannabis & offer certain cannabis products. I don’t just offer the starnadrd OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies & Blue Dream. I absolutely have strains of cannabis that are very high THC & some that are pure CBD content. That is because my brother grows to what I recognizably want. I also have a ton of edibles in the form of baked goods & cooking products adore butters & oils. I even have a substantial line of cannabis infused acne products & bath items. Business is fantastic with the locals, but tourists tend to miss us, but people are regularly wowed when they realize both of us are numerous cousins. I wanted to get our story out there & obtain more business. I achieved this through dispensary digital advertising solutions. I needed a website that told my & my cousins’ story. I needed SEO services to rank that website. I needed social media platforms as well. I worked with a cannabis digital advertising dealer & they were just amazing. They got everything up & lived within numerous weeks, and now my cousins & I can hardly handle all the corporation coming our way. The group of us are a big tourist draw in our area.

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The security guard started on Monday morning

My boss has been looking for a new security guard to work inside of the store.

She had an advertisement online for weeks. Nobody wanted the position after the last security guard was shot during a foiled robbery attempt. The burglar came to the dispensary moments before we were closing for the night. The security guard was walking around the front of the building checking for cars and people in the parking lot. That’s when the burglar struck the security guard. The burglar shot the security guard in the farm and he went down quickly. The burglar thought that the security guard must have been dead. He left him in the parking lot and went into the building to rob the marijuana dispensary. The girl working at the counter heard the disturbance outside. She saw the two guys coming in the front door and immediately hit the silent alarm. She then did everything that the burglar asked her to do. That is something that we have been told repeatedly by the manager and the owner of the medical and recreational marijuana dispensary. We don’t have to be heroes. The business is insured, so let the thief take whatever they want. Don’t argue and don’t say no to any reasonable request. The burglar was still filling his pockets with items when the police showed up. The whole incident was in the newspaper. I’m sure that is one of the reasons why the dispensary manager had such a difficult time finding someone to replace the night shift security guard at the marijuana dispensary.


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The BOGO sale was only good for one product

Marijuana dispensaries have sales all of the time so they can attract new customers and patients.

  • There are a number of marijuana dispensaries in town.

A couple of the places have sales every single day of the week. One place has BOGO sales every day of the week. Another marijuana dispensary has a live demonstration in the building every single day of the week. My friend Jack and I went to the marijuana dispensary a few weeks ago and there was a person in the lobby performing a live demonstration. The person was from a cannabis concentrate company. The representative was giving away one free gram of cannabis concentrate with the purchase of any product from the same manufacturing company. I was pretty excited when I realized that the demonstration was going on, because I already planned to buy a product from the same company. Jackie started to get some marijuana concentrate after he found out about the sale. I purchased two grams of live resin concentrate. I expected to get 2 grams of their new product for free. Unfortunately, the lady at the counter told me that they were only allowed to give away one product for free with each purchase. Both Jack and I were disappointed when we found out about the rules. We were both planning to buy a couple of extra grams of marijuana concentrate just so we could get more items for free. I left the weed shop feeling pretty deflated and disappointed. They should have told us up front about the policy of only one per person.



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Our hotel was only blocks from a cannabis shop

My husband Bob and I went to an anniversary party Last month and we stayed in a hotel for the weekend.

All of us had to fly to the endpoint for the anniversary party.

My older sibling regularly wanted an endpoint anniversary party, so I wasn’t surprised when he decided to get married on the other side of the country. The anniversary party was being held in a small chapel down the street from the hotel. There were several gambling casinos around the locale. That’s a single 1 of the reasons why our sibling and his husband chose this particular location. Both of them enjoyed being able to gamble. The hotel was right across the street from a casino and it was only a couple blocks away from a recreational marijuana dispensary. The hotel had advertisements from the cannabis dispensary and they were all over the lobby. There was even an advertisement for the marijuana dispensary in the hotel registry book. Bob and I went online to look at the menu for the recreational and medical marijuana shop. Bob decided to order a couple of items from the menu. Since there was free delivery, Bob didn’t even have to leave our hotel. About an hour after we made the order, there was a knock on the front door. The delivery driver brought everything that we ordered and we got a 25% discount because it was the first time that we ever ordered from the cannabis shop. Bob and I had a truly amazing time while we were in the village and we both loved using recreational cannabis for the 1st time since we were boys.


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