The cost for medicines is high in medical states

There is evidence to show that medical marijuana can help with a variety of different mental and physical conditions.

  • Medical marijuana can be an effective treat for pain, muscle stiffness and soreness, seizures, depression, anxiety, and even ptsd.

Unfortunately for all Americans, the cost of medicine is still very high in states that only allow medical marijuana. The average cost for an eighth of marijuana in a medical state is around $40. The average cost for an eighth of recreational marijuana is around $10. That is quite a huge gap in prices between one state to the next. It is not any wonder why some people cross the border to save money on marijuana. I drive all the way to the city so I can get a good price for recreational marijuana. At least I am lucky to live in a state with legal recreational marijuana. That means I can save a great deal of money on all of the products that I like to use. When I drive to the city, I usually get marijuana concentrates that are on sale. Marijuana concentrates are safe and fun to use. Concentrates come in a variety of different strains and they are categorized by the amount of viscosity in the project. Concentrates common categories such as shatter, which is very hard and brittle and wax, which is more soft and easy to work with. Many different people prefer each one of these products and I would choose to work with a wax concentrate. Wax is much easier to put in my dab rig and the concentrates usually have a much better flavor.


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