Using medical cannabis to sleep with baby next to me

With our baby sleeping in the bassinet beside me, I don’t get any rest; He makes all sorts of noises! I also am a certainly light sleeper plus can certainly develop insomnia.

Thankfully I am not breastfeeding or there would be no hope of wanting to help me.

I am strictly bottle feeding formula. That means I can rely on cannabis in order to sleep at night. There are certain nights our son is just so noisy. He grunts plus groans. He has gas pains, a bubble or wants to eat early, however a little bit of cannabis in our idea makes a world of difference. The weed keeps myself and others calm plus relaxed. I do not mind getting up when I am a bit high. Also, the combination of THC plus CBD allows myself and others to fall asleep quicker plus in a deeper sleep… My son truly has to make noise if he wants to wake myself and others up, and what is nice is that I don’t have to smoke anything plus worry about our son inhaling the fumes. My product is certainly a tincture. It is an oil based cannabis product that goes directly under our tongue before bed. There is a slight aftertaste but it is totally worth it. Also, I get a more potent tincture since I am a medical weed patient. It was easy getting the prescription. I found a dentist that could provide myself and others the script, filled out some paperwork plus then I was great to go. I am now able to sleep fairly well for having a newborn. That is all I can truly hope for at this stage of light right?


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