Marijuana works better than OTC night sleep aids

I used overnight sleep aids for a long time and after a while they were no longer effective. It became a chore to go to sleep at night, however even if I had a long day and lots of physical interest, I still had a taxing time sleeping. I closed our eyup and laid there in bed awake for hours and hours. I could kneel in bed with our eyup open and the lights on and I would still never fall asleep. The dentist prescribed Ambien for myself and others and it had a lot of bad side effects. It made myself and others sleepwalk and I woke up feeling undoubtedly angry. I told the dentist that I did not think it was a undoubtedly good plan for myself and others to continue taking the night time sleep aid. The dentist recommended trying recreational marijuana, recreational marijuana has been proven to help improve sleep in several cases. With people that have chronic pain, ptsd, and restless legs, marijuana was proven to help better than several other prescription pills and OTC medications. There are compounds inside of the cannabis sativa plant and these cannabinoids help promote sleepiness when used at high doses during the night. I went to the recreational marijuana shop and I picked out several products that I thought might be able to help. I tried smokable marijuana flower, edibles, tinctures, distillates, and even a couple of beers that were infused with cannabis. When I used the products before going to sleep, I found myself sleeping for longer and I did not wake up feeling angry or confused.


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