Turning vegetarian and being healthy

When I decided to be a vegetarian it wasn’t for the animals.

I don’t really have a problem eating a cow, chicken or a pig.

It really is that I couldn’t take the grease, fat and meat anymore. I would break out in acne, feel sick to my stomach and have problems for days afterwards. The meals were too much for me. Cutting out meat was a healthier lifestyle choice. I also was never a fan of fish that was easy to remove. Now I simply eat grains, vegetables and fruits. My skin looks great, my body feels good and I don’t have any stomach issues. For a while I started worrying about getting enough protein and omega 3 fatty acids. I wondered if I would need to take vitamins or supplements. I found that hemp comes from the cannabis plant. Hemp is really good for protein and fatty acids. You can get hemp seeds and eat them in a salad or toss them in a stir fry. There is also a hemp seed oil that can be blended into a smoothie or put in a nightly cup of tea. Another part of the cannabis industry is CBD oil. This is more mental health. CBD products can mellow the body to promote better sleep, less anxiety and no more chronic pain. I now take both types of oil. I have a hemp seed oil that I put in my lunch smoothie to promote physical health. Then at night I take CBD oil in order to sleep better and calm my mind.

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