It was the website

When my cannabis dispensary wasn’t doing so hot I decided that we needed advertising.

I immediately started taking out ads in the paper.

That did basically nothing. Older folks don’t find my cannabis store all that appealing. I have a dab bar and a vape lounge. It is geared towards a younger crowd. I then started thinking that most people look online for what they want to buy. I contacted a PPC company to help me out. That meant I got to be at the top of google. My website was right there for anyone to see. If they clicked on it, I had to pay for that business. It doesn’t guarantee a sale. Well I found out quickly how bad PPC can affect a person. I was getting a lot of clicks but no sales. Nobody was coming in the store and nobody was placing online orders. What was the problem? I then realized that people found my website, but just didn’t like it. I didn’t really need SEO but more of a better website. I found a digital marketing company that offered SEO, but more importantly, a web design. I wanted the whole website completely remastered into something better and more modern. They totally gutted it. I got new content, pictures, reviews went up and my products were showcased better. My company went from looking like a small weed shop to a high end cannabis facility just based on what the website showed. I am really happy that I invested in my website.


cannabis dispensary website design