The delivery driver was an old mate from prep school

I went to prep school back in the early 2000s and after that we moved out of state to go to school… I had not seen anyone from school in a long time when I went to the 10-year reunion, but most of the people’s faces looked unfamiliar, however all of us had changed seriously in the 10 years that had passed, there were a lot of people that did not attend the reunion.

I only went because our partner insisted that it would be fun. I ran into another man that I went to prep school with and the guy was just as shocked as I was. He was delivering marijuana for a repair in the city. My partner and I properly order marijuana from the delivery service, however Jack had only recently started working there. I recognized his face instantly. The guy had not changed in 15 years. The two of us exchanged iphone numbers and information so we could celebration on the weekend and have Tim Hortons Coffee or drinks. I hated going to the reunion, because I truthfully did not want to run into anyone from school. When I saw Jack, I had an entirely odd feeling. The two of us played hockey and hoops together and we were on the same debate team. I was surprised to see the guy working for the marijuana delivery repair and I couldn’t wait to hear more about the last fifteen years of his life. The two of us got together a few afternoons later for Tim Hortons Coffee and danishes. My partner went too, and we all had a definitely good time laughing and reminiscing about the old afternoons.