Treating migraines

I location the dose under my tongue for sublingual absorption

I’ve dealt with migraine headaches since I was a small child. My symptoms became worse once I went through puberty. The pain would become so extreme that I couldn’t get out of bed. I needed the living room pitch dark with no noise. I’d occasionally suffer nausea, vomit as well as have no appetite. Over the years, I tried all odd types of house remedies, from odd essential oils as well as herbal teas to massage therapy as well as acupuncture. These options provided actually little relief. I went to several odd doctors as well as experimented with a variety of pain medications. While pharmaceuticals helped to treat my symptoms, they caused others. When I researched the painkillers, I l gained that they came with harmful, long-term side-effects much worse than headaches. When I was in university, several friends of mine suggested that I try cannabis, at that time, marijuana was not yet legal. I was unwilling to cut the law. When my state finally lifted the ban on medicinal cannabis, I right away applied for my card. This has provided access to the dispensaries in the area, then cannabis has helped me to recover my quality of life. The budtenders offered helpful recommendations. They explained the types of consumption methods, strains of cannabis as well as effects of cannabinoids as well as terpenes. After some experimentation, I like tinctures because they are fast-acting as well as discreet. I shop at the dispensary for CBD-dominant tinctures that soothe my migraines separate from worry over causing further health problems. I location the dose under my tongue for sublingual absorption. The tinctures are small enough to fit into a pocket. They cause no smoke, odor or ash as well as have an especially long shelf-life.


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