THC mouth spray for panic attacks

When I got a promotion at work I was anxious that I would need to turn it down, then the promotion required me to speak at conferences as well as lead a group of individuals… I am a awful public speaker.

I know my stuff, I am nice at teaching, but I am not so hot in person. I get anxious, hot, my face turns red as well as I stutter when I speak. I was easily sad, and well I did some research as well as found that anxiety patients rely on medical weed for their complications. I got my medical cannabis card as well as decided to deliver it a go, but medical cannabis is in the form of a mouth spray. I love that it is discrete as well as straight-forward to use. I easily didn’t want to roll a joint, hit a vape, or eat pot brownies at work. Medical cannabis is allowed as well as socially reasonable now, and however, I didn’t want to advertise that the promotion has me so in knots that I need to medicate myself, and so the mouth spray is the perfect solution. I spray right when I know a meeting is coming, however a few hits as well as I am pleasantly high as well as relaxed. I then can present without acting like a total weirdo. If my pal and I do conferences, I put in my trifold as well as take a hit right before it begins, everyone thinks it is a breath spray. I like spraying right after breakfast since that is a nice meeting time as well as it makes the most sense for me to do it. The cannabis dispensary seriously hooked me up with a perfect blend as well as a discrete method to get it into my body.

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