I choose a recreational weed state

My husband and I like to go on two vacations a year.

  • The first one is that we like to travel overseas.

We typically go to a different country and do lots of hiking, sightseeing, and swimming. The second vacation we stayed within the United States. That trip is more for relaxation. We sit on a beach or by the water. We read, walk, and eat a lot of good meals. I try to find a state that we haven’t been to before. I really enjoy seeing something brand new. Now I have started only going to recreational cannabis states. Where we are only permits medical marijuana. My husband and I have both discovered we greatly prefer weed over booze. So anytime we can get our hands on recreational weed, we do it. It is always fun to pick a day that we are going to get super high. I research to find the best recreational cannabis dispensary near me. Then we try out all sorts of edibles, flowers, and oils at the weed shop. My husband always wants to smoke the product while I prefer to eat it. An edible is just so easy and quick. The high is more instant and doesn’t last as long. That suits my needs just fine. We typically get high in our hotel room and then either go shopping or out to dinner. It usually ends up being our favorite day in the city. My husband and I greatly look forward to these little weed trips once a year.


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