It can cost a lot of money to remain a medical cannabis patient

I was really excited when I heard that my state was going to vote on medical marijuana 7 years ago.

We had gone through several election cycles where we couldn’t get the issue put on the ballot.

When we finally got medical marijuana on the ballot, it didn’t pass the first time around. I live in a state where you have to get over 60% of the vote to pass a constitutional amendment. It’s a smart plan because you don’t want a simple majority to change the state’s constitution, or we would have changes in our state’s Constitution every single election cycle. Therefore the state gave the threshold of 60%, which meant that we had to get at least 60% of the vote to pass medical marijuana in the state constitution. The first time we almost hit 60, and the second time we got over 72% of the vote. However at the time, I wasn’t expecting all of these expenses. As a medical cannabis patient I have to pay the state department of health $75 once a year just to renew my medical marijuana card. Then I have to see a medical marijuana physician twice a year for my medical marijuana recommendation. The medical marijuana recommendation is essentially like a physician’s prescription for a drug. But since these aren’t normal drugs, they’re not considered prescriptions. Between all the expenses being a medical patient, I have to spend between $300 and $400 a year. The only saving grace as a medical cannabis patient is the fact that medical marijuana products have dropped in price of the last 2 years. It’s a lot cheaper to buy cannabis flower products these days and it was when I first became a medical marijuana patient.

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