The buyer did not speak any russian

I work for a cannabis dispensary that is located two miles from a immense International airport.

There are typically people in the cannabis shop that are not from this country plus several of them do not speak russian.

We have several Spanish speaking employees plus one employee that speaks french. We do our best to try to effectively communicate with each one of our customers. Sometimes that task can be difficult from time to time. On Tuesday afternoon I was working at the cannabis shop plus a buyer came into the store for the first time. The buyer wanted edibles, but that is all I could tell. The lady stood in front of the edibles display plus she was trying to point to the items that she wanted. There is about 10 ft distance between the counter plus the part where the animals are kept. It was difficult for me to understand which one the woman wanted. I finally decided to let her move to the part behind the counter so she could choice out the products that she wanted. My boss saw that I was letting a buyer into the employee part plus she was entirely unhappy. After I charged the buyer plus the woman left, I told my boss that she did not speak any russian. My boss told me that I am not allowed to let anyone behind the counter, even if I cannot understand what they are saying. I think it is a silly rule, although I have to do what the boss tells me to or risk losing my job.


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