The cost of medical cannabis has sharply decreased in my state

I never thought I would see anything decrease in price amid the inflation going on over the last few years.

Granted, the price and gasoline goes up and down all the time, but I haven’t really seen it drop below $3 in at least 4 years. I got to a point where I pretty much expect everything to increase in price now. Even the cost of bread has gone up at least 20 to 30% regardless of what brand you buy. I know eggs doubled in price recently and in some places they started to go down again, although the cost of potatoes is still consistently high. It’s frustrating trying to budget when you’re making the same amount of money all the time. However, I’m paying a lot less money for cannabis products this year than I was in 2020 for instance. Back then it was at least $50 for a quality jar of cannabis flower products. You could get an eighth of an ounce for that cost, but now the same amount of cannabis is only $35 at the same store. Other cannabis companies have put out similar products for $20 or less. It’s incredible to see how cost-effective it is to buy marijuana in 2023 in my specific state. I can’t speak for the cannabis markets and other states, but our medical cannabis industry here is definitely decreasing in cost for products across the board. It’s incredible to see how budget-friendly a lot of these cannabis companies have become over the last couple of years. People can finally afford to use marijuana effectively.

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