It's easy to forget about rolling marijuana recommendations from physicians

We have these things called rolling recommendations for medical marijuana products.

Navigating my state’s laws and regulations can be a huge headache. There are a lot of rules that are enacted by the state legislature on an almost yearly basis. For instance, there’s a constant change in the legality regarding the use of cell phones behind the wheel of a car. When I first started driving, there weren’t any rules about texting while driving. Then they also made a rule saying you couldn’t hold a phone for any reason behind the wheel of the car. But since sometimes people are using your GPS or they’re changing the song on the radio, they have to adjust the legality and basically create a gray area where you could be using a phone but you’re not allowed to be texting. Essentially, a cop could pull you over and ask to look at your phone to see if you have any texting history while you were driving. It’s a very big gray area, just like medical marijuana is to this day. I didn’t expect the state legislature to make medical marijuana rules so arcane and strange compared to other states. We have these things called rolling recommendations for medical marijuana products. The marijuana recommendation is like the prescription that you would get from a physician for another drug. Imagine being told that you can only get a drug every 30 days without any adjustment whatsoever, which is what happens with controlled substances. But they’re doing this with medical marijuana which is not common in other states that have medical marijuana available. Usually, they just let patients buy a certain amount everyday and it’s usually a lot more than what this state allows for medical marijuana products.

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