Will the insurance company ever help with medical marijuana expense?

I called my insurance company last week and told them my doctor had recommended I use medical marijuana.

I asked how much of the medical marijuana is covered by my insurance.

The woman I was talking to sounded confused. She asked if I was talking about real marijuana? Of course, I was talking about real marijuana. We had legal, medical marijuana in our state, and my doctor told me it would improve my quality of life. I had been in a car accident that left me with a lot of muscle and nerve damage. He thought the use of medical marijuana would help me with the pain and discomfort. I was now suffering with RLS, fibromyalgia, and other problems. Using medical marijuana was something he wanted me to try. Before I got the medical marijuana, I wanted to know if the insurance company with help with the cost. She stuttered and then finally said no. Since it wasn’t on their medication lists; I was totally on my own. I couldn’t believe they were going to help me with the cost. I asked if there will ever be any help from the insurance company for the purchase of medical marijuana? She didn’t seem to think there would be, and she didn’t seem to want to think there would be. I was really disappointed. I had to pay for medicare, and I needed to have supplemental insurance to pay for everything that medicare didn’t. I also had a lot of co-pays that neither paid, and they expected me to pay for medical marijuana recommended by the doctor.

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