I asked if they had medical marijuana for weight loss.

I was talking to the doctor the other.

She was once again railing at me for being overweight.

She went from calling me obese to telling me I was bordering on being grossly overweight. I was watching what I was eating, but no weight was coming off. I could not suppose how rude she was being… Didn’t she feel I looked in the mirror? Didn’t she realize I was constantly telling myself how ugly I was? Didn’t she realize I was causing a riff in my marriage because I would get sad if my wife saw me without a shirt? I didn’t feel she cared, although I was going to do my own research. I was constantly under the assumption that marijuana caused obesity. I was now hearing that there were some strains of medical marijuana that would help a lady lose weight. I did a lot of research into those strains plus wrote five of them! One would help me sleep plus calm me down, and another just said it had a compound called THCV that helped suppress the appetite. The five medical marijuana strains that would help suppress appetite all had high THCV levels. I told the doctor I wanted to use medical marijuana. She told me I would just continue getting fatter, because I already had a poor diet. I told him she could help me get medical marijuana or I would get a current doctor. She told she knew a doctor who could help me get my medical marijuana ID card, and within a year, I had lost fifty pounds, plus I feel better than I ever had. My doctor is still sad that I am using medical marijuana, however she is no longer complaining about me being grossly overweight.


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