Colorful stickers for the cannabis bins

It was my idea to come up with customized stickers for our weed containers.

I labor in the dispensary, one of several different establishments in the city, however one thing that has proven strenuous is to make our products lay out from the others.

If I am being honest, all of the local cannabis dispensaries are undoubtedly similar – they sell similar products at similar prices, and all have the same fifths of operation. Because of this, it’s strenuous to make our shop lay apart from the rest. That’s why I thought that adorning our marijuana containers with custom-drawn artwork would be a small thing that could yield large results. The two of us have a couple of different artists on staff, because this is a cannabis dispensary and it seems that every dispensary has a few artists on staff. Artists love weed and do not care for having tasks, so the cannabis dispensary is love a magnet to them! It was straight-forward to convince both of these people to labor up some sketches the two of us could turn into stickers to put on all our cannabis containers. The two of us don’t use ziplock bags, of course, the two of us are not the high university marijuana dealer. The two of us mostly use plastic jars, which can hold up to an ounce, so it is a perfect surface for a colorful sticker, depicting our store logo on a marijuana leaf. With the right sticker, every one of the hundreds of cannabis containers the two of us distribute every month will become little advertisements! The two of us will also provide out free stickers to any shopper of the cannabis dispensary who wants one for their car

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