Cannabis is not addictive, but I still need it

Science has proven that weed is not addictive, although as a chronic user that doesn’t feel right.

I have sampled around all the bad habits a person can have.

I smoked cigarettes for years, and when it was time to quit, I had a hard time. The same is true with alcohol, because when I quit drinking cold turkey, I felt deathly ill for days on end. Those substances were highly addictive, and it was punishing trying to quit them. The same is not true for cannabis, because when I run out for a few days I don’t suffer from withdrawal symptoms… yet I do suffer. The first couple of days without marijuana I always get sad and melancholy. Although cannabis may not be physically addictive, I have grown dependent on the peace and relaxation it gives me. It is so easy to relax and forget about all my problems when I have some marijuana in my system, but when I’m sober all I can do is obsess over my problems! I have talked to some people in the AA program who think that if I use cannabis then I am not really “sober.” I think these people are snobs. I can clearly see the differences in myself when I drink alcohol, but those differences don’t exist when I smoke cannabis. Also I could care less if other addicts judge me for smoking marijuana, it’s my medicine of choice to keep me feeling good, and away from my triggers. Marijuana isn’t addictive, but it helps keep me free of dangerous substance abuse.

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