I haven’t smoked marijuana in years

I was floored by the vast array of cannabis products they had for sale.

I had never been to Oregon before, but I found the state to be beautiful to look at. There is a very chill vibe in that part of the country. I was on the coast for a week, as a consultant to a new branch the company had just opened. I am a “fixer” helping the new shops get established and ready to handle a high volume of sales. While I was there, I decided to live out a dream and indulge in recreational cannabis. Where I come from marjuana is still illegal, making it one of the few places in America where there is no form of legal weed. I haven’t smoked cannabis in years, but lately I had been missing it, so I wanted to have some fun while I was on this work trip. This was my first trip inside a real cannabis dispensary, because they didn’t exist back in the old days. I was floored by the vast array of cannabis products they had for sale. I don’t just mean different strains of sativa and indica, which I expected, but all the other variations on weed! There are cannabis edibles, pills, drinks, oils, waxes, vape products, and things I can’t even identify! I spent a long while looking around, but ultimately I went to the counter and bought a fat sack of cannabis sativa. I wanted to relive my glory days, and the best way to do that was to twist up a few joints of good, old-fashioned marijuana. I got my work done, but importantly I had an amazing experience.

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