We disagreed on the subject of marijuana legalization

I do not smoke legal medical cannabis, because the government in this state is very strict.

If I had the money, I would gladly move somewhere else, but that simply is not an option.

Besides, just because weed isn’t legal doesn’t mean it isn’t readily available. In the old days they called it “the war on drugs” but the government lost that war. People like drugs, and are willing to spend money on them, so they will be available no matter what the law says. This is capitalism in action, right? I would like it if there were a legal cannabis dispensary, just for the sake of convenience, but if I have to keep buying from Jimbo, then so be it. Jimbo and I used to go to high school together, way back in the old days, and he was a cannabis dealer then, as well. People used to say that Jimbo had no future because all he cared about was marijuana. The joke is on them, because I still know most of those nay-sayers, and Jimbo makes a lot more money selling marijuana than they do at their square jobs. I am a car mechanic, and I make decent money, but if I had it to do over again I would start selling marijuana like Jimbo! He told me the other day that he always votes against the legalization of marijuana. Jimbo thinks that if there are legal recreational cannabis dispensaries then he will make a lot less money. I see his point, but I will still keep voting to legalize cannabis any chance I get.

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