Nausea relief comes from the legal weed store

That’s not the case for many others throughout this country who are struggling with IBS symptoms

I just love the people at the legal cannabis store. Calling it a cannabis dispensary sounds just a bit too clinical for what it means to me. And given the fact that I deal with IBS, I know all about clinical settings. The nausea I experience comes from the aforementioned IBS. I’ve been dealing with this for almost 10 years. I’ve seen so many doctors that I lost count. Of course, this condition is not something that is easy to cure or manage. But the fact that I was in so many different clinical settings that led to so much disappointment is ironic. I’m finally finding relief from my nausea using cannabis flower products. I can’t believe that something as simple as a natural weed is what finally provided me with some relief. After all the medication I took, it was really nice not to have to put something synthetic in my body. Plus, I like the fact that I didn’t necessarily have to smoke the cannabis flower product but could take cannabis edibles as well. I go between using cannabis flower products and the cannabis gummies I get from the legal weed store to manage my condition. But the medical marijuana benefits for me have been remarkable. And it didn’t take very long for this to be the case. I’m just so thankful that I learned how to get a medical marijuana card and that I now have access to medical cannabis. That’s not the case for many others throughout this country who are struggling with IBS symptoms. I’m not suggesting that medical marijuana is right for everybody. But we should all have the opportunity to explore whether there are medical marijuana benefits out there for each of us.

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