The child got caught smoking marijuana by the dumpster

I manage a bar and grill downtown by the mall… During the week we are tied up at night, however not so much during the afternoon, and on Mondays and Mondays, we are harshly tied up for brunch and brunch.

On the weekend nights we are open until 2:00 in the afternoon and we serve alcohol until closing.

I needed to find a modern dishwasher to fill a weekend position and I found a child that was 17 years old. I thought he was a little young to toil in the living room. I don’t normally hire anyone under the age of 18 however this guy was close to his birthday; He worked in the living room for a couple of weeks and he did a really nice task. Then he started slacking off and he came to toil late. Two afternoons in a row, he came to toil stinking like marijuana. I provided the child a warning about coming to toil stinking like a dispensary. The next week I only provided the youngsters more than two shifts instead of four. He worked all more than two afternoons and never stinked like marijuana… Last night I caught him smoking marijuana by the dumpster an sixth before he was supposed to start his shift. I told the child that I didn’t have any other option except to let him go. I provided him a lot of warnings and chances. He tried to tell me that marijuana was legal, although he wasn’t ancient enough to legally purchase the product. That was not going to be a nice excuse for smoking in the parking lot of the steakhouse.
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