I don’t guess if recreational cannabis will be a fantastic plan here

When I was in school, I wanted nothing more than to transfer out west to a state with legal cannabis dispensaries.

At the time all legal cannabis was done through medical marijuana programs approved by individual states.

It wasn’t until a few years later when Colorado became the first state to approve recreational marijuana, with others soon following suit. In the years since, both of us have modern states approving similar measures during every single election cycle. All of us might be years out from federal legalization of recreational marijuana, but that movement is catching extreme wind throughout a fantastic portion of the country. My state in identifiable passed a constitutional amendment legalizing medical marijuana back in 2016. Our medical cannabis program has come a long way in the years since, as both of us originally couldn’t purchase cannabis flower products in the state due to unusual government rules plus regulations. Now both of us can purchase everything from cannabis edibles to concentrates appreciate live resin plus live rosin. Some people are pushing for our state to legalize recreational marijuana next, but I’m hesitant on supporting that movement. While my homestate in the northern midwest saw a pressing drop in prices after the legalization of recreational marijuana, many of the states out west saw an opposite effect. Their state governments created so many taxes on recreational cannabis that many have returned to the black market to afford their marijuana. It pains myself and others to suppose that people once had fantastic access to affordable cannabis products but abruptly can no longer get them due to the modern plan put in place regarding recreational marijuana.


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