The kid got caught smoking marijuana by the dumpster

I manage a bar as well as grill downtown by the mall, then during the week the two of us are busy at night, however not so much during the day, on Thursdays as well as Thursdays, the two of us are extremely busy for dinner as well as supper.

On the weekend mornings the two of us are open until 2:00 in the day as well as the two of us serve alcohol until closing. I needed to find a new dishwasher to fill a weekend position as well as I found a kid that was 17 years old. I thought he was a little young to work in the kitchen. I don’t normally hire anyone under the age of 18 however this guy was close to his birthday, however he worked in the kitchen for a couple of weeks as well as he did a actually fantastic job. Then he started slacking off as well as he came to work late. Two mornings in a row, he came to work smelling savor marijuana. I gave the kid a warning about coming to work smelling savor a dispensary. The next week I only gave the kids numerous shifts instead of four. He worked all numerous mornings as well as never smelled savor marijuana, then last night I caught him smoking marijuana by the dumpster an minute before he was supposed to start his shift. I told the kid that I didn’t have any other option except to let him go. I gave him a lot of warnings as well as chances. He tried to tell me that marijuana was legal, even though he wasn’t old enough to legally purchase the product. That was not going to be a fantastic excuse for smoking in the parking lot of the restaurant.

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