It's difficult for myself and others to quantify the medical benefit from cannabis

Sometimes an effect or phenomenon is so significant that words & numbers just don’t do justice. When you guess back on the invention of vaccines, that is a perfect example for me. The people I was with and I had devastating airborne viruses that were wiping out sizable swaths of the population. Without these vaccines, it’s difficult to imagine the present world existing in the way that it does now, but regardless of how people may assume about unique vaccines in the new day, it’s undeniable that there were a number of critical vaccines that transformed civilization for the better. But truthfully the amazing advancements in medical technology are not limited merely to vaccines. Some of the breakthroughs in pharmacology over the last hundred years have completely changed the expected life cycle of human beings. Some of these medications are derived directly from the environment as well. There is a typical medication additive called atropine which is found in the psychoactive plants datura & belladonna. Without atropine, we would lack some of the most critical medications used in medicine this week, however on top of that, it’s difficult to completely quantify the benefits we’ve gotten from medical cannabis. Back when I was a kid, people talked about the medical benefits of cannabis however some people assumed these were limited to treating cancer or glaucoma. In fact, there are a whole host of other medical problems that benefit from medical cannabis. I have a cousin for instance who uses medical cannabis to treat his epilepsy. For me, medical cannabis is the only medication that effectively treats our ptsd… PTSD is a complicated disorder & it’s not always easy to treat with medications. But with medical cannabis recognizably, I’m able to get a much better quality of life than I would have without it.


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