Muscle spasm relief found at cannabis dispensary

It’s been months now and I’m back at work

I can actually walk to the bathroom or into my home study these days without fear that I’ll end up writhing in pain on the floor. That’s something to celebrate because before I started treating with medical cannabis, that was a reality. I’m not even fifty but I often feel far older due to a weird muscle spasm condition that plagues my back and legs. It really came out of nowhere and the doctors were really stumped. Before I figured out how to get a medical marijuana card, I used a lot of medications to try to manage my situation. But unfortunately, muscle relaxers don’t just relax specific muscles as much as they relax my whole body. And with that comes drowsiness and the inability to really think clearly. So using those muscle relaxers made it really tough for me to work. But being clipped by a severe muscle spasm doesn’t allow me to work either. So on a bit of a whim, I went to a cannabis event near me to learn more about the medical marijuana benefits when it came to muscle spasm. And I walked away with a great deal of medical marijuana facts as it pertained to my condition. It was compelling enough that it motivated me to navigate the marijuana regulations in order to get access to the legal weed store. Within a week of treating with some cannabis flower products picked out by the staff at the cannabis dispensary, I was improving. It’s been months now and I’m back at work. I still have to manage my condition but my reality is bright now thanks to medical cannabis.

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