I like to get high and watch movies

When it’s raining and the weather is less than ideal, I prefer to stay home instead of going out. My friends will go to the club even if it’s snowing and 5° outside. I prefer sunny skies and clear weather. When it’s wet or rainy outside, I like to stay home and watch movies. I used to rent movies from the local blockbuster, but they closed down about 10 years ago. There really isn’t anywhere else that you can rent movies except online. I have a couple of different movie service accounts that offer pay-per-view streaming for recent movies that have just come out into the theater. There is a new scary Halloween movie and I wanted to watch it last friday. I stopped at the marijuana dispensary on my way home from work and I bought a couple of pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes. I also bought some cannabis tincture and a bag of edibles. One of my favorite ways to enjoy a scary movie is under the influence of marijuana. Marijuana seems to make everything much better and that would include scary movies. Instead of jumping in my seat and feeling frightened, most of the time I am laughing at the main character because he or she is making really stupid mistakes. There’s a killer on the loose, but everyone is out in the streets partying. Why would you go back into the house with the killer inside? It doesn’t make any sense to me and it is funny and laughable when I am high and under the influence of recreational marijuana products.

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