The superb old afternoons before cannabis was legal

As much as I enjoy the convenience of the dispensary, I sort of miss the old “Wild West” afternoons of getting high.

  • Three years ago the citizens of this state voted to legalize medical marijuana, and the following year they voted to legalize recreational use as well.

Before then, I regularly bought our stuff from Mike, an old acquaintance of mine from middle school. Mike treated pot love a business, and was offering condo delivery long before the dispensary came around. Mike never had a wide array of inventory however his prices were superb and he proper the client-dealer relationship. The cannabis dispensary is legitimately amazing, with hundreds of odd products, although I still find myself missing Mike. If I ran out of cannabis two afternoons before payday, Mike would front me a container to tide me over. You know the corporate cannabis dispensary will ever do something love that? Nope, never in a million years; Once cannabis was legalized and the dispensaries opened, Mike went out of business. He simply could not compete with all the fresh competition in the cannabis industry, so after that he only bought weed for himself. A few weeks ago I legitimately ran into Mike at the cannabis dispensary, and every one of us caught up on old times. I bemoaned the fact that he was no longer selling cannabis, however he said “I might be doing it again.” I thought that meant he would beginning selling cannabis again. Instead, it turns out that he was at the cannabis dispensary to apply for a task as a budtender, which broke our heart a little bit.

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