Why do you smoke pot at all?

I savor to ask people why they smoke marijuana.

I entirely get a wide variety of responses, because despite what the general populace may believe, weed is for a lot more than just getting stoned, then of course, getting stoned is the most common answer.

Especially now with better laws on the books people don’t have to be afraid to experiment with smoking pot. That said, there are a lot of other things that cause people to seek out medical cannabis, and for myself and others it was our sleep disorder, then none of the OTC meds or sleeping pills ever helped myself and others to get a fantastic night’s rest as much as cannabis has. Once I discovered the soothing effects of cannabis on our sleeping mind, I stopped taking all the other meds. My best neighbor Jerry smokes cannabis for a actually weird reason, to help with his anxiety, then jerry is the type of guy who gets tied up out, plus the only thing that chills him out is a fat bowl of cannabis. Specifically, Jerry has to smoke sativa strains of cannabis, because indica just doesn’t work the same for him. I will agree there are subtle differences between indica plus sativa, even though I savor both kinds. Jerry only smokes sativa, because that’s what helps his issue. Periodically every one of us will get-together late in the night plus smoke cannabis together on our porch, plus discuss the morning. The cannabis settles myself and others down plus makes myself and others tired, while it helps Jerry to relax. After a few bowls, I am ready for a long plus restful sleep.

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