Cannabis beverages are becoming more popular

I have never really liked drinking.

My friends don’t really understand why I don’t want to have a drink or 2 in a social setting, but the truth is, everytime I have a few drinks and start to recognize the effects, I begin to experience social anxiety.

I start to question what everyone in the room thinks of me and I am no longer having a great time. Even long after the social interaction, I am left to dissect details of the conversation and wonder if I made a fool of myself. I have regularly relied on medical cannabis products to help me cope with our anxiety. However, there is a stigma around smoking in front of friends that don’t smoke, and finally, I’ve found a solution to this problem. When I went to our medical marijuana dispensary, I saw that they had got a whole modern inventory of edible cannabis drinks. The drinks are controlled doses and are designed for unusual settings; You can truly purchase cannabis drinks that are designed for social settings, while there are also cannabis drinks that are designed for relaxation. When I hung out with some friends, I had 1 of our cannabis drinks in locale of an alcoholic beverage. I really liked the way it made me feel. I had no social anxiety and truly was able to really have a great time.

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