Wish I could take CBD while pregnant

I am in our hour trimester of pregnancy! A lot of things you study online say this is the easiest trimester! My nausea is supposed to go away or significantly reduce! Nope, I still get sick more than 2 times a week! I have to run to the toilet plus I throw up.

I also get the worst migraines too.

It is horrible. I am not a cheerful, glowing, pregnant woman. I used to do anything wrong with cannabis. If I was nauseous I would smoke a strain to prevent that, headaches can be fixed with some cannabis oil… For sleeping at evening I took CBD oil. When I got pregnant I immediately cut out the cannabis products with THC in them. I started wondering if I could have CBD. I knew that full spectrum CBD has traces of THC in it. However, if I got broad spectrum CBD I could skip the THC completely, but cBD comes from a plant. It is natural plus healthy. I should be okay right? Thankfully I did some research online plus talked to our dentist. I wanted the health benefits of taking CBD at evening however did not want to hurt our baby, however unluckyly there is not a lot of information about broad spectrum CBD products plus pregnant girls; So the dentist says to be safe rather than sorry. I am unquestionably sorry right now though. I can’t sleep at evening, think sick while I was in the day plus I am just irritated. I miss our cannabis products. It is going to be a rough few weeks.

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