Changing to a cannabis oil

I used to be all about the flower form of cannabis.

For our anxiety I figured that was best.

I would sometimes roll a joint, pack a bowl or the occasional hookah. I liked that it was a process to smoking. I liked the variety flower gave in the way of flavor, mouth believe and smell. I then got sick of all the labor involved. I didn’t love that it wasn’t exactly portable either. The worst was the smell; Everyone knew when I smoked. I am a medical weed patient, although I still got some bad looks from people. The smell hung around on our clothing, hair and skin. It wasn’t exactly professional or classy. When our medical weed card was ready to be renewed, I talked to our doctor about something other than flowers. He then gave me a script for oil form. The budtender at the meical weed sipsenary legitimately hooked me up. He told me that the oil form was legitimately better for me since it burns away all the carcinogens. It also does not create a smell that lingers on me. The oil form is easier to smoke as well… You just load the cartridge, press the button and it heats the oil. It is simple to load and change cartridges either. The oil form works just as well as the flower. I don’t get as much mouthfeel and taste, however that is okay. I am just relieved to have a product that is simple to use, discreet and works well for our concerns.

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