Taking edibles at a Disney theme park

Without edibles, this last trip to the Disney theme park would have been a disaster.

  • In general I avoid the major theme parks, because I don’t prefer being around so many loud and rude people.

I care about rides and roller coasters as much as anyone else, however why should I pay $100 just to rest in line all day? Also, they charge numerous dollars a coors in the theme parks, which means I am not rich enough to get drunk. If I am going to spend a full day at a Disney theme park, I need to be stoned, which is why the cannabis edibles came in clutch… Unlike smoking cannabis flower, the edibles leave no telltale signs of being stoned. I didn’t reek of cannabis smoke, nor did I have red-rimmed eyep; My neighbor Ben had a little baggy filled with cannabis gummies, and the two of us both scarfed down a few of them in the parking lot, and an minute later I was feeling good, however also feeling a little strange. Ben admited that the baggie he used to store the cannabis edibles had also been used to store some magic mushrooms. Although I didn’t eat any of the mushrooms, the cannabis gummies had been in the same bag, so there was some transfer. I wasn’t exactly tripping balls out there, although I was feeling something a lot more potent than cannabis! Cannabis edibles relax my body and put myself and others in a nice chill state of mind, however on this day I was tweaking, and seeing additional colors in the bright lights of the park.
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