Get ready for the most mind-blowing experience of your life.

My friend Earl invited me over for a Christmas party, and at first I turned him down.

I have been rather depressed recently, and I really didn’t feel like pretending to be happy around other people.

Earl insisted that I come, and in fact he said “get ready for the most mind-blowing experience of your life.” With a statement like that, I was too curious to resist! He told me to stop by the cannabis dispensary on my way over and buy something – anything at all – and bring it with me. I was running late, so I dashed inside and grabbed a big bag of cannabis edibles to bring with me. When I arrived at Earl’s place he was dressed as Santa Claus. He took the cannabis edibles, wrapped them in gift paper, and then placed the package under the gaily decorated Christmas tree. Earl explained that we were doing a special kind of White Elephant game, using things like cannabis, liquor, and mushrooms. In a White Elephant everyone takes a turn either choosing a new gift or “stealing” an opened gift from someone else. My cannabis edibles were the first gift opened, and for several rounds everyone stole them for one another. Then Julie opened a small jar of Blue Dream cannabis buds, and everyone forgot about the edibles! Blue Dream is one of the finest strains of cannabis available, but this was also a decent sized jar containing 8 grams of weed! When it was my turn, I also stole that jar of cannabis from my coworkers… but then it got stolen by someone else.


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