THC mouth spray

I have pretty bad anxiety when it comes to speaking in public.

I get nervous, sweaty and awkward.

I also get really upset right before I am going to public speak. For a while it wasn’t a big deal. I never seemed to need to speak in public. I then got a promotion at work that required me to present to potential buyers and subordinates in my department. I was concerned that I would need to turn it down due to the public speaking. Thankfully I did some research on how to help my anxiety. Someone recommended that I attempt medical weed. I did all the steps to get a medical cannabis card. I wasn’t optimistic that the medical cannabis was going to work. But I thought I would give it a try. I have had nothing but wonderful experiences in the field of medical weed. The doctor that prescribed it to me was amazing. He explained about flower vs oil and what would work best for me. Then the budtender in the medical marijuana dispensary was great. I talked about wanting something a little discreet. I didn’t want it to be obvious that I needed to get high in order to talk in public. I also didn’t want to smell like cannabis. The budtender actually got me a THC infused mouth spray. It looks like normal breath spray. I just spritz it a few times right before I am going to speak. It keeps me calm and relaxed. I am able to clearly articulate what I want to say and sound intelligent.

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