My friend Haley really loves working at the cannabis store

I just can’t believe how much my friend Haley loves working at the cannabis store here in town.

Haley started working there at the recreational cannabis store about a month ago when she came home from college for her winter break.

At first she thought that she would just work there as a temp during the holiday season, but now she has pretty much decided that she is going to take a semester off from college and keep working there. I just don’t understand why in the world she likes it at the recreational cannabis store so much. It just opened up here recently and so they still needed people to come and work on a part time basis and a full time basis. Even though she was just a temp, they really liked her and they ended up offering her a full time job when Christmas was over. I assumed that she was just going to turn them down so that she could go back to school but she said that she loves the job so much she thought that she would just stay there longer. I was shocked when she told me that at first, but she seems like she is really enjoying the job. She says that she is learning all kinds of things about the cannabis industry and that she thinks that she might change her major to business so that she can open up her very own recreational cannabis dispensary someday. Even though she has only been there for a month, she has really been throwing herself into the work and I think that she might be onto something!

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