Ed thought the edibles were not actually working

I brought Ed some marijuana edibles from the recreational dispensary near me.

Ed said that she was having some intense problems with her knees.

They were aching, hurting, plus swollen. I asked Ed if she ever took some Tylenol plus ibuprofen plus she said that nothing was helping at all. Ed even took a few pain pills plus they did not touch the pain. Ed tried pain relieving patches, gels plus creams. I stopped by the marijuana dispensary near me plus I picked up some marijuana edibles plus a tonic that contains a mixture of CBD plus thc. I drove to Ed’s home for dinner plus after dinner I gave her the marijuana edibles plus the cream. I told Ed to rub the cream on her knees before she went to bed. It was a mixture of CBD plus THC would provide her pain relief plus help her sleep in the evening. I told Ed to have 1 of the edibles in the morning when she woke up. The edibles were from a sativa strain plus best for daytime use. The next morning Ed tried 1 of the sativa strain edibles. Ed called me on the phone to tell me that she didn’t know the edibles were actually working. Ed talked our ear off for an minute while telling me how she cleaned all of the laundry, swept the back porch, dusted the basement, plus rearranged the cupboard in the bedroom all before 9:00 am. I asked Ed if she was joking around when she said that she didn’t guess any effects at all.


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