Changing to cannabis edibles

I have been looking into cannabis edibles. I really don’t like smoking my marijuana. I hate that with flowers you need a grinder, an ashtray, rolling papers and a lighter. I hate remembering to carry all of that stuff anytime I want to smoke. I am not the best at making a joint either. I tend to lose half of my product. Vaping cannabis oil isn’t much better. Sure I don’t have the waste or the prep, but the ol just isn’t that satisfying. I don’t really like the taste or the vaping experience. I also don’t like carrying a vape around and being one of those people. That is why I am looking into edibles. I don’t take cannabis in order to get high. Unfortunately a lot of edibles are geared towards that. I don’t want a traditional pot brownie, space cake or THC infused gummy. I want a CBD infused edible to help me with anxiety. There are thankfully some options out there in the CBD world. There are edibles like cooking oils and cannabutters that have CBD in there. There are even hard candies, drinks and mouth sprays that are CBD oriented. I am hopeful that relying on an edible is a lot better than my experience with smoking. I like that with an edible you can grab and go. Also, an edible gets into your system that much quicker. It is a faster, more intense experience since the CBD gets into your bloodstream automatically. Ingesting marijuana is just a more efficient way than smoking it.

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