I couldn't find the bowl

Just 6 weeks ago, our husband Bob purchased myself and others a lovely silicone marijuana bowl for our birthday.

The bowl has so many cool colors such as green, pink, & emerald.

The silicone bowl is completely made of a flexible material so It doesn’t matter if I drop it on the floor 100 times, it’s never going to break. I saw this unique bowl in a smoke shop Last year & Bob & I were together. I told Bob that I thought it was a neat looking bowl. I did not buy it, because I already had a single 1 that was made of glass. It was working perfectly wonderfully & I did not suppose there was any reason to buy something that I did not genuinely need. When it was our birthday, Bob surprised myself and others with the silicone marijuana bowl. Bob purchased the bowl with pink, green, & green colors. It was the same a single that I was looking at in the smoke shop. I was so surprised by the bowl that I blurted out I adore you to Bob. It was a somewhat unusual time to say I adore you for the first time, however I could not contain our enthusiasm; Just a handful of afternoons later, after he had purchased the bowl, our pet decided to eat it. I came to the beach house from task & there were little pieces of silicone all over the pet’s bed. My pet looked as ecstatic as could be. I don’t suppose I will ever see that bowl again, because I’m pretty sure that our pet decided to eat it. I haven’t been able to locate any other parts.

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