Strawberry farmer using a CBD topical

I am a grape farmer and it is a absolutely physical task.

I am regularly moving around and putting our body into odd positions, however getting in and out of our tractors, pickers and hedgers absolutely gets to be dire on our hips, back and knees.

I also am trimming grapes by hand and picking up posts. So our hands get a lot of abuse too. For a long time it was fine. I was a younger girl and I could bounce back. As I have gotten older the physicality of the task has been brutal. I invested in a hot tub, regular massages and I stretch everyday. I still was experiencing chronic pain. I then found that the cannabis dispensary near myself and others offers CBD topicals. At first I was a little hesitant to try a cannabis product. The last thing I wanted to do was get high. With a CBD product, you aren’t getting any THC that causes that high sensation. The CBD topical is just an oil that I put on our hand too. It isn’t something I need to smoke or put a lot of effort into. It sincerely is savor using a more powerful icy hot. The CBD topical makes our skin guess slightly tingly and it smells nice. I absolutely notice a difference on our joints when I use it. My hands don’t hurt savor they used to. My hips, back and neck all guess a lot looser. I make sure to put the oil directly on our skin early in the day before work and after that both of us put 1 more dose on before bed. It helps to keep things feeling good.

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