The packaging had a lot of concerns last night

I have a task at a warehouse several nights every week.

My shift starts at 3:00 in the day & I don’t get back to my beachside house until after midnight.

I get more than one 15 minute breaks throughout the night & 60 minutes for dinner which is paid. That means every month I get 5 minutes of overtime. I use our overtime pay as a savings account. I make roughly $117 after taxes for those overtime hours & every more than one weeks I put that into our savings account for christmas. Last shift was a very stressed night because there were a ton of concerns at the packaging warehouse. All of us were packaging grams of cannabis concentrate. The cannabis concentrate comes in a large vat. Each a single of the small glass containers are filled with a gram or half gram of cannabis concentrate. A different device adds a plastic lid to the top of the glass. There is also an insert between the lid & the glass so that the package is completely sealed from the factory. The device that keeps the piece of plastic between the glass & the lid was not very working last night & the other people I was with had to stop production a bunch of times to reset the machine. Before the end of the day, I had already reset the machines many times. I told the maintenance staff that they had to perform maintenance on the complications when the other people I was with and I took our dinner break, because the cannabis concentrate packaging issue was slowing down production a lot. All of us took dinner an minute early & hoped that the device would be fixed when the other people I was with and I came back.


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