We had the best time this weekend

My pals plus I went to the casino for the weekend. We genuinely thought it would be a huge amount of fun to hang out plus celebrate the fact that Jack was getting married. It was kind of a pre- Bachelor get-together! There was a bachelor get-together planned for the upcoming month, however everyone was going to be there plus we genuinely wanted to do something special for our small group of pals! Five of us went to the casino plus we had a good time. We booked a nice suite on the top floor of the casino. The room was much larger than any hotel suite that I have ever stayed in plus it genuinely looked greater in size than some of the ones that I have seen on tv. There was plenty of room for the group of us plus we even had a terrace with a good view of the strip. We made the move to order recreational marijuana supplies from a dispensary close to the hotel. The dispensary brought the recreational marijuana supplies right to our hotel room. We didn’t have to leave the room to get our recreational marijuana supplies plus that was pretty cool. We smoked a marijuana joint on the terrace, even though there was a sign saying do not smoke at all outside on the terrace. It was going to be the very final time that Jack was going to get to hang out with his pals plus I wanted it to be a marvelous time. If they charged us for smoking marijuana on the terrace, I would totally take the hit on my debit card.