Tinctures and topicals for psoriasis

I have suffered from psoriasis for around thirty years.

It is an autoimmune skin disease that causes itchy, red and painful patches of skin.

It is characterized by ongoing flare ups where thick scales develop on my knees and elbows. There is no definite cause of or cure for psoriasis, but it can be triggered by anything from skin injury to specific prescription medication. Some synthetic drugs are suspected to activate the autoimmune response while others induce an allergic reaction. Any drug can trigger a flare of psoriasis symptoms. Those medications that are designed to treat psoriasis are only temporarily effective. The skin lesions are unattractive and embarrassing. UV is supposed to help ease symptoms, but I’ve found that prolonged sun and heat can make them worse. Extreme cold and overly dry air are a problem. Whenever I am particularly stressed, my skin issues worsen. I’ve tried home remedies, exercise, meditation, yoga and all sorts of treatment options. I never noticed much of an improvement until I visited a recreational cannabis dispensary. The budtender recommended a combination of oral and topical methods to treat the psoriasis from the inside and outside the body. I buy tinctures and ointments that are high in CBD and CBN percentages. These cannabinoids have proven effective in soothing inflammation, pain and itching. I place a couple of drops of the tincture under my tongue and wait about a minute for the liquid to absorb. The method allows cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream and provide onset of effects in a very short period of time. The cannabis-infused topical is applied directly to the affected areas multiple times per day. They absorb quickly, smell quite nice and offer the added benefits of natural essential oils.

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