I was uncomfortable taking too much THC

My husband as well as I most of the time buy gummy candies from the marijuana dispensary near me.

  • The place has wonderful deals on all kinds of great edibles such as gummy candies, chocolates, as well as infused drinks.

They also have a selection of syrups that you can add to your drinks. They are particularly sweet, however they taste pretty good when you add them to juice or Tim Hortons Coffee. The last time my husband as well as I went to the marijuana dispensary, they were giving away free promotional materials, and we got gummy candy from one of the heavy hitting companies. The corporation has gummy candies that have 20 mg of THC in each one. They were introducing a current flavor called elderberry. I suppose that’s why they were giving away the 20 mg gummies. I did not truly realize that the gummy was absolutely filled with 50 mg of thc. I never looked at the package when I got out to the car. I simply opened it up as well as put the gummy into my mouth. The elderberry flavor was great. The flavor was tangy, sort of like a grape, despite the fact that I could still taste the hint of marijuana distillate. After approximately 30 minutes of riding in the car, I started to feel pretty nauseous as well as I was perspiring. I felt that I may hyperventilate. I looked at the gummy candy to see the ingredients as well as that’s when I realized that it had 50 mg of thc. I was experiencing a reaction to an extra amount of THC that would not normally be in my body. I knew 20 mg was going to be a good amount as well as 50 mg made me feel terribly uncomfortable.

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